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I was writing on Substack but my posts were blocked from search engine listings, so I'm moving to my own site

A.I. for speech synthesis is the next generation of Text To Speech (TTS) Software. A.I. systems offer more natural sounding voices, but can sometimes be less accurate depending on a range of factors. They also can’t change their reading speed and often require more compute to output the same amount of text as a traditional system.

I tried the following projects and picked Mimic3 as my solution of choice: Mozilla TTS, Coqui TTS, Larynx TTS & Mimic3 TTS.

TTS Text to speech on Linux Arch, Ubuntu, Gnome KDE

Make Linux TTS works like it dose on a Mac.

This is my latest attempt at switching from OSX to Linux. TTS is the final part of the puzzle for me to make this work. I'm dyslexic and rely heavily on TTS for my daily computing usage. I'm writing this both for my own notes and for anyone else looking for this sort of information.