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Since 2015 Zen Quest Adventures has developed a range of environmental technology modules (ETM's)

Permaculture building a reciprocal roof


Permaculture (Permanent agriculture) has become a very diverse field over the past 20 years and is becoming ever harder to clearly define. Never the less its broad scope covers many interesting topics which are becoming ever more important for the sustainable future of humanity.

Natural building, wall, mud, puppy

Natural building projects

Play with: mud, straw, sand and stone. Lean forgotten arts and get creative.

PM10 PM2.5 open source monitoring

Environmental Sensors

Learn about and use our Open source environmental sensors.

Power cord survival bracelet fire saw, Zen Quest


If you found this page you are probably wondering how can this peace of woven parachute cord (paracord) help me survive in an emergency situation?

Eathship side on diagram


The Earthship idea has been developed and refined for over 30 years. It started with an American architect called Michael Reynolds who started building his alternative buildings in the deserts of Taos, New Mexico. The Earthship is an all-encompassing off the grid building that provides: heating, cooling, electric power, drinking water, water heating, vegetable production and sewage treatment in one self sustained unit.

Shigu Rainbow Valley Zen Quest Adventures

Shigu, Rainbow Valley

Shigu (事故) is located on the first bend on the Changjiang River (金沙江,长江河) and is famous for being the place where the red army crossed during the long march. One small old bridge still remains and there is a small museum in the village dedicated to this event.


Solar 1- Build interest, enthusiasm and understanding of small solar systems by learning how to build solar panels that can charge a smart-phone on a desktop lamination machine.

Smart heating - Build and test micro heating units, flowerpot heaters, rocket stove heaters and others. In this lesson students learn about space heaters and build them with flowerpots, small candles, tin-cans tinfoil and other simple components. We can then measure their heat output and see who can build the most efficient heater.

Micro hydro- Build an electricity generator out of an old washing machine to power an off the grid home. This is a fairly advanced lesson where you learn how to convert an old washing machines motor and drive train into a water wheel for electricity generation.

Stone master- Build a dry stone wall, our technology classes don't just teach modern techniques and technology, they also bring to life forgotten and traditional crafts which we believe have just as much relevance now as they have ever had.

Micro climate- Build a micro green house with Bamboo and PVC sheeting to grow year round food.

These are just some examples of the ETM modules we have on offer, we are constantly developing new and exciting environmental technology and traditional craft workshops to add to our unique blend of outdoor education and environmental technology programmes.

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