Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Service and self mastery

Vitalising the moral compass that is inherent in your child through service and self mastery

The focus of the Zen Quest servant leadership program lies in cultivating our students’ intrinsic need and passion in serving others.


Service is an umbrella term that encapsulates the very essence of passion, of initiating an idea and have the confidence and ability to carry the idea out into fruition. The motivation for doing so is to better the lives of others, the methodology in achieving so will require vision, communication, investment and above all camaraderie and shared passion. 

The ultimate aim is to help students develop their moral compass and let their actions be guided by it.

Servant Leadership

Program elements

Character building through living in the outdoors

Breaking past self limiting beliefs through adventure

Serving others through cooperative teamwork

Servant leadership is a progressive program. It begins often begins with a  trek. Here students will be taken out of their comfort zone and must learn to live and cooperate with others. They will have to set up camp, cook for themselves and carry equipment and delegate tasks within their teams. They will be taught orienteering and map reading skills to help them navigate the terrain.
The purpose of this exercise is to build up their self-reliance, foster an attitude of team work and increase their self confidence through the accomplishment of a progressively difficult task.

Servant Leadership cutting grass

Breaking past self limiting beliefs
We believe that all humans have unlimited potentials, and the hinderance for reaching it comes from self limiting beliefs. We use tools such as climbing, abseiling and gorge walking to help students realise that fear can be overcome. If we can have courage, garner focus and let go of self limiting beliefs we can achieve anything we put our minds into.

The 5th and 6th day of our program will focus on adventure elements that will take students to some of the most rustic regions in Yunnan. They will participate in rock climbing, abseiling and map making.

Community service
Have a real life impact by bringing development, technology or education to rural communities in China.

With projects like building greenhouses, servicing the local temple and putting together lesson plans for village school children, this program seeks to cultivate student leadership through the service to others, while also teaching them to effectively influence and motivate members within their team.

Horse riding at Wenhai, Yunnan, china