Field Studies in China

We offer a range of Geography field studies programs in a variety of locations across China, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific. Each program is tailored to your specific needs, with consideration taken for: classroom integration, program aims and curriculum.
Currently our programs include: Geography  river studies, coastal studies, Environmental science studies, tourism impact studies, geo data, Open street map, google earth, GIS and we are constantly adding more capabilities to our growing list of options.

Field studies programs can also work as a micro campusing setup were the class carries on out of school for an extended period of time.


River studies, Yangshuo, education outside

River studies in China

Join us and bring your river studies fieldwork to life with our river studies programs in locations around China, from Yangshuo and Danxia mountain in the south to Lin'An and Moganshan in the Shanghai area.
Student doing a soil MPK test in Moganshan China

Environmental sciance studies

Our ESS fieldwork programs are carefully made together with you teachers and advisers from your school to create the best field and classroom links possible. We will do site visits for you, share photos and videos of the locations data including: geo data files for google earth gps and pins for open street map.
An open source 3d printed flow meter for geography river studies

Open sourse DIY flow meter

We designed, prototyped and built an open source flow meter to measure water speed in rivers.The current build shows water speed in Km/h and costs about 60USD for all the parts (a typical off the shelf unit will cost about USD1000). Motivation Flow meters are great tools for river surveys but are often prohibitively expensive, especially for secondary schools and field studies centres. LabQuest has somewhat of a monopoly on these sensors for use in schools and we think its high time there is an easy to make, low cost and hackable solution for these tools.
Students and teacher on a beach doing coastal studies data collection

Coastal studies

Join us for your coastal studies programs, China Hong Kong and Taiwan, we can help you get the data you need in the best locations possible.