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University programs

At Zen Quest everything we do is driven by the philosophy of "quality, safety and empowerment. " Our university programs are the best example of this philosophy in practice. As outdoor curriculum designers and facilitators, we have worked with Shantou University and Beijing Normal University in constructing, teaching and facilitating a range of outdoor education courses.


In addition our staff have worked and taught in world-class universities including the Kellogg School of Management, New York University, CIEE, and many other top programs worldwide. All courses are delivered by outdoor specialists, research academics, field practitioners and elite athletes. Our program balances academic knowledge, adventure and mentorship into one cohesive force to help empower students. We have a great range of experience in Mainland China and connections in the UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, the US and Canada. We offer an unrivalled degree of experience when delivering outdoor education to students, from primary to MBA to postgrad.

Our team also specialises in leadership training and team building for companies looking for that extra edge in the business world. Our team have given regular talks, seminars and two-day workshops to multi-national corporations and government agencies. We are currently working to develop an MBA program with major outdoors components, working with us is distinguished professor Jack Marr.

So by supporting us, not only will your organisation benefit from our experience, but your programs can become a real research case study with the results freely available to the world's academic community

By choosing us, not only will your organisation benefit from our experience, but if you wish to participate in academic research, you may opt to have your program results freely available to the world's academic community. Visit our research section to read about what we are doing and planning in the future.

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