Eben Boudering Shigu China

Eben (艾彬)

Owner Director

Eben's interests and skills are spread across a wide range of areas from canoeing and rock climbing to web design and the study of Chinese. Eben is from the UK and graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2005 with an Honours degree in Outdoor Leadership.

In 2006 Eben visited China for the first time as an Employee of a small outdoor company in Hong Kong. By 2008 Eben had moved to China full time to run a small Rock Climbing company in Yangshuo South China. In the spring of 2010 Eben went freelance so he could have more time for travelling and going on expeditions. Since then Eben has become one of the founders of Zen Quest - a pioneering outdoor company set to change the face of outdoor education in Asia.

Eben's skills include: the instruction and facilitation of: Rock climbing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Trekking, mountaineering skills, advanced rigging for group abseils, tyrolleans and access work and route development.

Logistics and expeditions management in China.

Web Design and IT: Arch Linux, OSX, Drupal CMS.

Hobbies include: Photography, Travel, 3D printing, Drones.

Visit Eben's own Website: couloursofdiscovery.com for more information about Eben.

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