Xi-Shuangbanna Mountain view

Xishuang Banna

Yunnan, Westen China

The hidden gem of Yunnan

Xishuangbanna, situated at the border of China and Laos, is one of the most biologically diverse regions in China.


Nicknamed "the gene depository", it has one of the best-preserved tropical primeval rainforest in the world.  In this tropical rain forest, a milieu of unique, primordial and endangered species dwell, structuring an ecological symphony that will leave you in awed at the power of nature.

The area, typical of Yunnan,  is very ethnically diverse, with Dai, Hani and Han being the main ethnicities. To the Dai people, Xishuangbanna was known as 'Mengbanaxi' in ancient times,  a name that means miraculous utopia.

Your visit to the utopia with us will consist of 3 days sightseeing and a 5 day trek through the tropical rain forest and the ancient tea hills of the area. A relatively easy hike, you can enjoy walking through one of the most ancient trade routes in South East Asia, staying each night at a village of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Our route is specially designed to maximize your exposure to the wonders of this land.