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Daocheng 稻城

Sichuan, Weston China, 3000 to 5000 meters elevation

High on the border of Sichuan and Tibet lies a small town nestled in rolling moorland and open country called Daocheng. The area is best visited in late May beginning of April as the wild flowers are plentiful and the weather is warm and sunny. Traveling to Daocheng is definitely not for those of you looking for a casual trip or weekend away, as getting there takes time traveling on dirt roads over high mountain passes. However its well worth it to see this place, as all but for the town centre is forgotten by time, where yaks walk in the streets and red cloaked monks walk weary mile on mile, mumbling prayers as they move their strings of beads round in constant motion.


Daocheng also has hot springs which makes for a great way to relax after long travels, treks, and climbs. The moorland around is littered in granite boulders which hide a great range of climbing challenges for beginners and experts alike. The altitude is over 3000m meaning that all of our trips to this region must take at least 8 days in duration as time is needed to safely acclimatise.