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Adventures in Hubei, China

Shennongjia is located in the heart of western Hubei and it covers an area of over 3,000 square kilometres. There are six main peaks hovering above 3000 metres surrounded by rustic and diverse terrain. Here, the highest mountain, Shenongding, stands at a height of over 3105 meters while its lowest depth Shizhuhe is situated on the south west (398 meters). Its highland terrain coupled with its geographical location affords Shennongjia a temperate climate which attracts many tourists to the area in the hot summers.


Known as the Oriental Botanical Gardens, Shennongjia boasts a rich tapestry of biological diversity. It shelters some of the world's rarest fauna and flora such as Chinese dove trees and an impressive list of endangered species such as South China Tigers, white bears and white snakes. In 1986, with the approval of the State Council, Shennongjia became the National Nature Reserve of Forests and Wild Animal Species. In 1990, UNESCO accepted it into the Protection Plan for Man and Nature.
Taking a stroll in the rustic wilderness of Shennongjia, one is continuously reminded of the rich cultural heritage that underpins this majestic environment. Situated in the cradle of Chinese civilisation, the cultural heritage of the local population stretches all the way back to ancient China. Here, you will find yourself lost in time and experience the authentic way of life in the most ancient civilisation on this planet.

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