Qing Dynasty corporate event in Lijiang China

Themed Activities

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Take part in one of our many themed events, suitable for large and small groups, big and small budgets alike. Our events range from small dinner meetings and parties to multi day adventures in wild outdoor arenas. Whether your looking for a simple event to help your team work together run in your work place or a multi day company retreat for your management team we have it all.

Bellow are a few examples of our themed activities:

Team shop, Lijiang, China

The Game of Qin

The Game of Qin is one of our interactive themed events, set in the Qin dynasty and inspired by the TV show the Game of Thrones. Travel back in time to the start of the Qin Dynasty; this is a new age of weaponry and warfare, the old houses brought tradition and honour to the battle field. Now in this new age of brutality and back stabbing, only pure ruthlessness and battle strategy will allow your house to become the all-conquering rulers of the middle kingdom; the King of Kings and protectors of the realm. The game is good for groups of 20 to upwards of around 100 participants and is quite complex.

Team building in the desert, baotao, escaping under the fence

Murder Mystery

Not all events require high complexity, multi days in the wilderness, lengthy planning and time off work. Sometimes the best thing to do is get your team out of the office and into a friendly social environment for an evening. Our Murder Mystery games are a great way to transport people out of their office environment and help them interact and understand each other on a more personal level. Events like this can be created with short prep times, low budgets and run over an extended lunchtime or as an evening event.

gold cones, team winner

Techno Quest

A transreality, high tech adventure, this complex and highly involved game makes use of QR codes, gps orienteering, code braking and team work. The game is transreality so its partly played over the Internet in cyberspace and partly in the real world. Questions and locations are discovered as the teams move from location to location. This is a great way to think about and introduce new technology and ways of using it into your business, for example: tablet computers and high speed web 2 design and creation. At the end of the challenge teams have to create a Website and publish it to the Internet. The site will be about their program/ This serves as a review and reflection process and teaches everyone how to create simple websites for personal and business applications.

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