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Paracord survival bracelet | Zen Quest Adventures

If you found this page you are probably wondering how can this peace of woven parachute cord (paracord) help me survive in an emergency situation?

The reason is that with some string you can make many things and fix even more. Paracord is tested to hold a load of 249kg (550 lb.) This makes it strong enough for holding very heavy weights but at the same time is light and portable. The cord can be taken apart and the thin fibres inside used independently. Each Zen Quest survival bracelet contains at least 2.4m of full strength military grade paracord.


Power cord survival bracelet boot laces, Zen Quest

Replacing a broken boot lace

Imagine you are on a trek in Nepal 3 days from the nearest town. Your boot lace from your favourite well trodden-in boots brakes and you have far to go. No problem! Unravel your paracord and thread it into your boot replacing the old broken lace.

Power cord survival bracelet bivi, Zen Quest


Nearly all improvised shelter construction requires some form of string and knot tying. Now you have some of the best string ever designed with you at all times.

Power cord survival bracelet bow string, Zen Quest

Survival Bow and Arrows

Its possible to make bows and arrows out of wood and use the paracord for flights and the bow string.

Power cord survival bracelet fire saw, Zen Quest

Make A Fire

This is quite advanced and you would need extremely dry wood and a knife to make this work but providing you have the skills you can make a fire bow with your paracord and make a fire.

Power cord survival bracelet sewing thread, Zen Quest


Pull out the strong nylon fibres and fix anything from a broken backpack to a holy sock.

Power cord survival bracelet flossing, Zen Quest


Pull out some of the thin fibres inside the cord and use it to floss your teeth.

Yangshuo, Yulong river with bamboo rafters, photo from above


You can make make rafts with paracord. An advanced skill which takes time and practice to learn.

And many many more


You can use the cord to hold a splint in place or even the whole bracelet as a splint.

Fishing Line
The thin fibres in side the cord can be pulled out and used as fishing line.

Unscrewing nuts and bolts!
Wrapping the cord around a tight nut with a loose end on each side, yank it back and forth to break the nut loose.

Trekking in Shigu, 400m winter morning, mountains, trees and sky

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