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Community Vision

At The Dao of Zen

This page outlines some ideas to provide an inspiration springboard for what is possible with The DAO of Zen.

Who is this for?

We welcome and will need a very diverse range of talents to build our vision. We will need architects, artists, farmers, lawyers, accountants, programmers, permaculturelists, scientists, engineers, hackers, environmentalists, digital nomads, doctors and so on and so on. And if your work life revolves around something else entirely, completely outside our vision then you are still welcome to invest and live in our global communities.


There are a massive range of build possibilities, from high tech 3D printed earth to low tech straw and stone buildings. Geodesic Domes to Earthships, passive solar houses, tiny houses and yurts are all possible depending on location, budget, time and use case.

Power generation

Renewable power generation; solar will be best in most cases, due to its cost per KWH, safety, low maintenance and no moving parts. Here agrovoltaics provides a very interesting option along side roof top systems. However in some locations other systems could be considered including: wind, solar and hydro.

Food production

Food production may or may not be a high priority for a community, but some capacity in all locations is likely desirable. Here there are many options from ultra low tech like food forests and forest gardens to robotic permaculture using platforms like farm-bot or advanced hydroponic systems with a fish insect and plant cycle. To conventional organic agriculture and animal husbandry. Vertical farming, tree staple crops, intensive Silvo-pasture and so on.

4x4 car group photo, trees, shigu climbing development

Global community

One thing that makes this community unique is that it aims to be global with sites around the world and people moving between them. So our members are not confined to one place but free to move around, share ideas and experiences. In the past joining this kind of project was only possible if you settle in one location. Like joining the Earthship community in Taos New Mexico, but now with tech its possible to make something global and multi-cultural.

Centre for Alt Tech

Community facilities

Communities could be highly decentralised and not even own land in the same area, and or others could be highly integrated with many shared resources. Shared resources could include teaching and learning spaces (think Bali Green School), power generation, water resources, community gardens and farmland, meeting/socialising areas and so on.

Land would ideally be brought as brown field sites. The image above is from CAT the Centre for Alt Tech in Wales. It has been built on a disused slate quarry. Its now transformed into a beautiful natural habitat with a full off grid visitors centre showcasing a range of amazing living solutions.