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Media Support, Access & Research

We supporting media teams, expeditions and researchers

As part of our consultancy and pro services we offer journalists, scientists, film makers, and media teams logicical and technical support throughout China and the Asia Pacific region.

No matter if your are a one man band looking for help accessing a wild flower meadow in Yunnan or a full size media production team heading to this side of the world, give us a shout and let us help you access the inaccessible.

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Expedition planning

Let us help you with expedition logistics, no matter how challenging your location. From caving in the jungles of Guangxi or climbing a mountain in the southern Himalayas. This can be from simple advice, to actual assistance with guiding and looking after your team in the environment your planning to work in. We can arrange horses, yaks, and porters. We understand how to package and handle delicate equipment in the mountains, we have extensive local knowledge and networks to help you get the shots you need or gather research.

Porter ledge setup and photoshoot in Liming, China

Vertical access

Need a camera somewhere high, Done!
We are very experienced rock climbers, and we have quite a few expert rope access technicians we can call on to get a camera almost anywhere high, or even teach and guide your own camera operator in the vertical. Be that the side of a building, cliff, or bridge in most weather conditions, from 30 plus degrees sunshine to the snowy sided north face of a far away mountain. We can get your team or a camera to almost any vertical location you require (providing that their are no local access issues).

Drone flying Danxia mountain


We offer flying for inspection and research, so if your planning to film in a location far away and google earth and other sources of geo data do not have enough information you can send us in ahead of time. We can visit, fly for you and deliver the media as photos, videos or crude 3D models using photogrammetry to help you plan for your project. During these visitations we can also help with other forms of enquiry and data collection too, contact us form more information.

Qing Dynasty corporate event in Lijiang China


China makes news and peeks peoples curiosity every day around the world. Join us and we can help you get the access to that far away location your team has been talking about for years. Check out our locations page for an idea of the kinds of places we operate.