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Management Development

Training for success using development in the outdoor

We offer a range of programmes to suit both your company and your career needs. Our team of dedicated professionals combine top academic knowledge, real life managerial experience and deep expertise in the outdoors to construct individualised programmes to suit the specific needs of your company or career aspirations through our unique modular Outdoor MBA (TM) courses that teach real life business functions in an amazing outdoor setting.

Modules include:

Information management, risk management, decision making, crisis control, product development, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and other business-relevant modules for all levels in the team.

Leadership training, team building, alliance structuring and development, and competition management courses.

Strategy and tactics at each level of implementation for each function.

Each module combines classroom instruction with problem-solving based casework to be executed in a challenging but safe outdoor environment for a learning experience that quickly turns theory into an unforgettable and tangible memory and experience that you and your teams can use throughout your organisation and careers. Outdoor MBA TM fills the gap between the hands off, risk free dreamy abstraction of the ivory tower and the hands on, survive or go under reality of modern business by immediately linking each learning with exercises that mirror the real world and provide invaluable feedback. Please check out our sample case study and activity "Who will eat the Apple?"

We have a wide range of venues around China and Hong Kong, ranging from expedition environments in Yunnan to Shenzhen’s Lianhua shan and Maluan shan. We can even design programmes to deliver in your office or work place.

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