Antartica, photo by Ed Lau, Shantou student expedition

Global Issues

Taken by Ed Lau in Antarctica with Shantou University 2013

Global issues

Global scale, local action

Global issues; how to create leaders equipped with both a global vision and a willingness to work with others, the groundwork begins with education.

Issues such as global poverty, climate change and international disputes require solutions based on sacrifice, courage and integrity. Our programmes provide a great platform for developing the above qualities. Our Servant Leadership program focuses on shared decision making based on moral fortitude.


Real Yangshuo 2020

Local scale, global issue

14 square km of destruction in Yangshuo, China

The "Global Issues Network" has been around for a while now and many schools, educational establishments and companies actively take part in their conferences and educational workshops. The book Global Issues by John L. Seitz is now in its 5th addition revised in 2016 and serves as the backbone to the global issues network. Networks and discussions are all very well, however to have real learning and progress on global issues requires action. Thats where Zen Quest comes in, we can help your organisation arrange community outreach programmes, educational exchanges and logistics in many far flung areas across China.

Furthermore, engaging in local issues provides a platform for real life involvement where teams and individuals can see the immediate impact of their actions. Our job as educators is to tie those local issues with the larger concerns that are happening around the globe. Through activities such as building sustainable greenhouses in Shaxi and understanding the roots of poverty through active engagement with underprivileged locals, our multinational staff are especially adept at analysing local issues and applying it in a global context.

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