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The Dao of Zen FAQ

(This page in its current form is intended for feedback purposes and to start a discussion on how to build this project).

Is this an ethical investment?


If the DAO brought a lot of land and held it as humanities resources dwindle for the purposes of pushing it's value higher, or the DAO used the land for something exploitative or extractive then it would not be an ethical investment.
On the other hand if the DAO buys land to build small self sustaining communities on it then those communities can be of help and of use when times get hard instead of being climate refugees that strain the system even more. It is this kind of investment that The DAO of Zen is created to achieve.

Is the DAO fully decentralised?


The founders want to keep some controls over the DAO during its initial development to keep it running in the direction envisaged. Providing the right motivations and systems can be designed then controls can be slowly relinquished.


Shouldn't we buy land to protect it instead of using it for our own needs?

This can already be done, please look below and do some research, we do not know enough about any of these projects to endorse them:

ForestDao, Buy Brazilland, The Rainforest Trust

Is this DAO building a religion?

This DAO dose not have any links to any religious groups and generally dislikes any promotion of monotheist ideologies (build your own DAO if that's your thing).

Will the DAO only buy land, or might it buy other things?

The DAO may at some point in the distant future elect to purchase other resources besides land. Maybe a ship to move things around the world. Or maybe in the distant future tickets to Mars to start a new community there!

Can the name be changed?


The DAO of Zen is just a place holder name for now.

Will the climate crisis destroy the internet?

Now that we have space based internet, it seams likely that the internet will be quite resilient.

Will quantum computing destroy crypto?

It seams unlikely, but crypto and web3 may need to adapt to new encryption standards and may need to do so very soon.

Can land owners / NFT holders sell?


Land owners who own a plot of land and an NFT can sell. It's up to buyers to check everything, the DAO can't be held responsible for these third party transactions.

Could the DAO get under cut by someone buying the land proposed preemptively?


This should not be a problem during the setup faze. But after growing in size it maybe come a problem. It maybe that only token holders above a set size get to see proposals for land acquisition to prevent this.

Is this a prepper community?


Not in the classic sense, 'prepper community' conjuring up images of middle aged men building bunkers in the mountains, hiding several years supply of canned food, ammunition and some AR15's.
This is about building communities that people want to live in, not wholes in the ground for hiding guns. About creating abundance and on boarding people, not fighting over scarce resources.

Are there other web3 real world communities?

How can a DAO own land?

Our hope is that the DAO Zen is able to buy land all over the world. Wyoming became the first state's in 2021 which recognizes DAO governance of LLC corporations. Because LLCs can own land, this creates a powerful pathway for decentralized land ownership.