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Corporate Retreats

A company’s success depends largely on the motivation, productivity and unity of its workforce. Your company may spend valuable time and resources to build relationships within the office, but these may prove unsatisfactory as the office environment rarely provides the quality experience necessary to foster a deep bond between employees.


Moreover the stressful environment of the modern workplace demoralises your staff and as a result lower your overall productivity. Harvard researchers have found that the average direct cost of absenteeism is $3,550 per employee per year, and workplace stress is estimated to cause 19% of absenteeism. However, the irony lies in the fact that stress is a crucial element to success, any company worth its salt will be operating in a high stress environment. To counteract this, the appropriate corrective measures may lie outside the immediate workspace. Corporate retreats run by a dedicated team of professionals are the answers to your problem, providing a great tool to rejuvenate the team spirit and motivation of your staff.

Zen Quest corporate programmes take place in a wilderness setting with innovative themes for team building and adventure elements that ensure a unique experience for all participants. This is a great platform for your team to better know one another and develop authentic friendships based on shared experiences. Our tailor made programmes build trust and camaraderie, the activities are structured in a way that will help you identify and incorporate the personal strengths of each individual. The cooperative skills gained at a retreat will also improve the performance of your workforce by showing employees how to work together effectively.

Furthermore numerous studies done by Stanford professor Dr. Katie Curhan, Ed.D and prominent biologist EO Wilson have found that by connecting with nature, a person can improve his or her sense of well being in both the workforce and the personal sphere, as we are evolutionarily programmed to excel in a natural environment. In fact a 2008 study published in the journal of Psychological Science (PDF) maintained that interaction with nature may bring serious cognitive benefits to individuals. Mac Berman from University of Michigan found that in a sample group of 38 individuals, those who took a leisurely walk in a wooded area performed much better in subsequent cognitive tests than those who took the same walk in a city environment.

A wilderness based corporate retreat program may be the missing link between a good team and a great team. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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