Danxia Mountain drone image, waterfall and temple

Dansha Mountain

Guangdong, China

Danxia Mountain 丹霞山, little known outside of China, is a geo-park in Guangdong province which has gained UNESCO recognition for its geology and natural habitats. The mountain is situated in Renhua County, about 45 kilometres (28 miles) from Shaoguan City. Covering an area of more than 280 square kilometres (69,190 acres), the mountain is composed primarily of red sandstone rocks.


The scenic area contains more than 680 various stone peaks, stone fortresses, walls, pillars and stone bridges. The stones have been formed over the eons by nature, many of them have likenesses to parts of the human body, birds and even animals.
Some activities include:


Canoeing(homemade bamboo raft)


Community service (cleaning farmhouses or fixing the roads) and conducting research (on average personal income, population, number of people working out of town, number of staying people, daily life, transportation, local environmental protection and others).

Making moon cakes
Danxia flower image, raining