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Sarah Coulton

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Curriculum Designer

Sarah is currently Head of Curriculum at an international secondary school in Hong Kong, designing curriculum opportunities for students to explore, investigate and learn within real world situations, as well as more traditional classroom-based experiences. Sarah is a Geography specialist having taught the subject for 10 years within IB, GCSE and various middle school curricula. She continues to design coursework opportunities for all learning levels within multiple specifications, as well as being an IB Geography examiner and presenting at Geographical Association conferences.

Sarah first gained her undergraduate degree, BSc Geography with honours, at the University of Liverpool before embarking on a PGCE in secondary Geography education. She has since completed a diploma in Coaching and most recently graduated with a Masters in Educational Leadership at the University of Western Australia. 

Having led outdoor learning opoprtunities in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Borneo and Mongolia, Sarah loves to learn and explore in her own time hiking glaciers, descending into volcanic magma chambers and experiencing city and town communities.