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Ed Lau

Company Founder / Educational Consultant

Born in HK, educated in the UK, Ed is a graduate of the University of London law school. An outdoor enthusiast whose interest in the outdoors started from the tender age of 4, when his mother took him to the hills in an effort to combat childhood asthma. His love for the wilderness was further invigorated when he spent 3 years of his teens as a Royal Army and marines cadet.

Credited with being one of the personnel who started the outdoor education program at Shantou University, Ed has spent the last four years organizing expeditions to Shangrila and various locations in Sichuan and Tibet for university students.

A former rugby player, Ed is a guy's guy who could be found pumping iron in the weight's room and out having fun with his friends. The wild side is well balanced by intellectual pursuits as he spends much of his free time reading philosophy, history, literature and scientific journals.

A firm believer of holistic development, it is his goal to combine the latest  research in different fields  into outdoor programs."

Ed's professional career started with Li Ka Shing Foundation, where he was initially a consultant who became a project manager, with specific focus on developing outdoor education in China.

In 2011, Ed was one of the chief officers in charge of the Shantou University Shishapangma expedition, where 16 students, 4 staffs from Shantou University, a 10 man HK film crew and 4 of the world's most elite climbers went to the highest peak wholly within the border of China to conduct a multi-pronged expedition. Being one of the largest expedition in the Himalayas, the expedition boast 83 yaks, 41 staffs and a new route on the SW face of Shishapangma.

Ed is also a lawyer who works part time setting up Merger & Aquisitions deal for middle size companies.

In 2012 Ed was part of a 7 man team who initiated the Jesuit University project in HK, lobbying local government officials to build a truly international liberal arts college in HK.

Ed is also highly involved in many social and eco projects in HK and China. Ed was one of the founding committee of Homeland Green a HK organization whose sole mission is to raise awareness regarding the desertification problem in China.