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Col Bolton

  • Col Bolton

Technical Advisor

To broaden one’s self and student’s education through the fields of Adventure challenges, whilst maintaining a safe and caring environment. This can be achieved by S.E.A.L.
Safety, Enjoyment, Adventure and Learning.


My career in the Outdoors started fifty years ago at Eskdale Outward Bound School, then onto Ullswater, Moray Firth, Norwegian OB, three schools in the States, Thunder Bay OB School in Ontario, followed by Australian and New Zealand OB. Then back to Canada. (Chief Instructor/Program Director at both at Minnesota and Keremeos (British Columbia) Outward Bound Schools.

Time was spent in the French/Swiss Alps, climbing and guiding. Also worked a couple of winters as a ski mountaineering instructor at Colorado Outward Bound instructing snow survival and been climbing and trekking in the Himalayas on many occasions.
Completed my teaching qualification at Matlock College (University of Nottingham) then spent a year at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.
I then spent time setting up an Outdoor Program at a college in South Australia. Besides working with school age / university students, I have been involved in many Corporate programs.
For the last seven years, I have been living in Hong Kong (my wife teaches PE at Chinese International School Hong Kong) – Freelance Instructing as a coordinator/facilitator and rigger, working with school age students through to Corporate throughout the Asia Pacific Region.