Zen Quest Ltd.

Founded under the guiding principle of quality and enlightenment, embodying the best of Eastern and Western education philosophy, we offer unique outdoor education programmes that are unmatched in excellence in originality.

The word Zen could roughly be translated as transcendent wisdom. At Zen Quest we believe that there are three stages towards the attainment of enlightenment. The first step is the acquisition of knowledge, the second is the application of knowledge via experience, and only through the combination of the two could wisdom be attained. Socrates famously said: “the acquisition of knowledge is so that we recognise the extent of our ignorance”. This is an attitude that we take at Zen Quest, a perpetual state of character refinement, a life long pursuit of knowledge and the accumulation of new experiences. All working towards creating a stronger and better version of ourselves.

In a wilderness setting, one also realises the powerlessness of man. One could not survive in such an environment with hubris, to survive one needs the help of others to do it. This is a fundamental human condition that is often forgotten in this technologically driven age. We want to bring back something rustic, something that goes back to the very core of what it means to be human, and that is why Zen Quest was formed.

We use the great outdoors as a platform to facilitate interpersonal communication, personal growth, survival skills and environmental awareness.